For sale: PAPA in Palestine - critical city guide Ramallah -

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In ‘PAPA in Palestine’ you will get an inside look at the urban life of Ramallah from different perspectives.  First two chapters: ‘What you need to know before travelling to Ramallah’, from the perspective of the outsider and from the perspective of the insider. In the next chapter you can read about the ‘Tactics of Life’ and the ensuing patterns we found.  Chapter four will take you on a journey through Ramallah in a series of photo stories by a variety of participants.

PAPA made photo walks through the old city, the vegetable market, and the city centre, the al-Ama’ari refugee camp and the brand new financial district. Hosting organisation RIWAQ. Participants: Khaldun Bshara, Rania Aldjejab,  Aya Tahhan, Yara Bamiyeh, Lana Judeh, Fida Touma,  Yousef Taha for RIWAQ, Awatef Romeya, artist and Lino Hellings for PAPA.  

With the kind support of the Mondriaan Fund.

For sale: PAPA in Bangladesh - critical city guide Dhaka -

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PAPAs method of reading the street in shared photo-walks gives an insight in the Tactics of Life in Dhaka Bangladesh. Four chapters: 1. What you need to know before heading to Dhaka from the perspective of the outsider and the perspective of the insider. 2. Tactics of Life in patterns, chapter 3: Series of photo stories, chapter 4. number of hands on assignments to help change certain aspects of daily life in Dhaka bottom up.
Concept: Lino Hellings
Photo’s and texts: Adnan Wahid, Habibul Haque,  Tapash Paul from photo press agency DRIK in Dhaka, Arifur Rahman, Abdus Sabur from YPSA in Chittagong and  Sumana Tanchangya,  Dhana Ranjan Tripura from OXFAM NOVIB in Dhaka, Shahidul Alam, Suvra Kanti Das from Drik and Lino Hellings for PAPA. Design Nipun/Drik.
Commissioned by Oxfam/Novib Bangladesh and Butterflyworks.


Order a PAPA Photowalk at Photowalk in Sao Paulo 2009

The PAPA Method of reading the street consists of a photowalk by up to eight participants, professionals and amateurs in any mix. The assignment is to take pictures of ‘whatever catches the eye’. 

During the week after the walk everybody uploads two pictures a day with a title and short description to the PAPA-website for 5 days from this one stack of photo’s.  

After five days we come together again to present the individual stories to each other. From the eighty uploaded photo’s we trace the shared story, the ’Tactics of Life’ of that special spot. 

For sale The making of PAPA

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368 pages, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, English. 250 photographs taken by 35 photographers from six countries. Online for sale at and

The  Making  of  PAPA is a photobook combining a DIY manual, city guide to PAPA’s nomadic locations, visual essays by correspondents and a text on the agency’s founding’.